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Holiday Season

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Park will be open every day over the holiday with reduced hours on Christmas Day (Noon to 5:00 pm) to allow staff to spend time with their families.

The office will be closed December 23rd up to and including December 26th and again December 30th to January 1st.

Posted: Friday, 22nd December 2017

Fish Stocking

We are very excited to have received our fall fish stocking and have re-opened fishing.

We will now be allowing members to keep one Rainbow Trout over 12" in length. Catch and Release will remain in place for Brown Trout, Grass Carp and Small Rainbow Trout. The monthly limit of 12 per household will remain unchanged.

Please contact the office with any questions. Thank you and Enjoy!

Posted: Tuesday, 17th October 2017

South Gate

Please be advised that South gate is now closed for the season.

South gate will re-open for one day only at 3:00 pm on Saturday September 16th for Movie on the Beach

Posted: Friday, 1st September 2017

Outside Boats and Whirling Disease

Due to the discovery of Whirling Disease in the Bow River, Alberta Fisheries has been conducting an investigation and developing a course of action. The result of this is that several man-made lakes in the Calgary area have been denied or delayed in the receipt of their 2017 fish license. We are fortunate to have been granted our license. Because this investigation is ongoing we are feeling pressure to protect our water and our lake.

We are therefore going to put a temporary moratorium on the use of outside boats in our water and ask fisherman to be careful that all their equipment is clean. This moratorium is temporary and will be lifted as we have better understanding of the Alberta Fisheries investigation and plan.


During the fall of 2016 Whirling Disease was detected and confirmed in Banff national Park. This disease affects salmonid fishes including species of trout, salmon and whitefish. The disease has spread beyond the National Park boundary and is present in the Bow River water basin including the Bow River, Elbow River and related tributaries.

According to a CBC news article:
“The entire Bow River Watershed has been infected with whirling disease, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has declared, prompting new province-wide measures to try to contain the spread.
The disease can cause infected fish - predominantly trout and whitefish - to swim in a whirling pattern and die prematurely.
The agency has also declared the rest of the province a "buffer zone" for the disease.”
The spread of this disease from one body of water to another occurs as a result of wildlife and human activity. The commercial fish industry that hatches and raises trout species for stocking lakes such as ours has been tested by the Province of Alberta and most tested negative for the presence of the disease, including our supplier.

We are advised that the human consumption of fish that may be affected by disease is safe.

Posted: Thursday, 18th May 2017

Fishing Area For Persons With Disabilities

Midnapore Lake is happy to announce that we can now provide an area at the end of the fishing dock for use by persons with disabilities, wheelchair users, persons with mobility issues and their companions.

Thank you for your respect and appropriate use of this area.

Posted: Friday, 12th May 2017

Tips for Releasing Fish

Fishing season is in full swing at Midnapore Lake. Iit's a good time to remind all fishing members of Tips on Releasing Fish (as published in the Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations)
If a fish is handled carefully and gently, it will have an excellent chance of survival. The most important factor related to fish mortality is damage caused by the hook penetrating the gill and stomach regions. Fish hooked in the lip or mouth have a better chance of survival. Avoiding methods that result in deeply hooked fish is the best way to reduce hooking mortality. “Still fishing” with bait, where the line is not actively attended, usually results in more deeply hooked fish. Attending the line to set the hook immediately at the time of the strike may reduce the occurrence of deeply hooked fish.
To further reduce harm to fish:
- Do not use barbed hooks.
- Retrieve your catch quickly.
- Release fish immediately (with care).
- Avoid squeezing the fish.
- Keep your fingers out of the gills.
- Keep the fish in water as much as possible.
- Remove the hook carefully.
- Leave deeply swallowed hooks in the fish.
(Side-cutters can be used to cut the hook instead of the line).
- Help revive the fish by holding it in the water.

Posted: Thursday, 2nd June 2016

Family Day

We would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed our family day event. We hope that everyone had a wonderful time.

We would especially like to thank our volunteers who gave of their own time to make our day so special. THANK YOU!

If you are interested, please visit our facebook page for some pictures of this wonderful day.

Posted: Tuesday, 16th February 2016

Boats And Paddleboards

With the nice weather we have been having we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of our boating and paddleboard rules.

Please remember that you need to bring your card if you are borrowing any equipment.

There is only one boat or paddeboard lent out per card and the member whose card is presented must be on the boat or paddleboard at all times.

Paddleboards are for one person only and are therefore for members only.

If you have any questions or concerns about these rules please feel free to contact the office at 403-256-0550. Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Posted: Thursday, 13th August 2015


We are excited to announce that court #4 now has pickleball lines.

Posted: Friday, 31st July 2015

Member Survey Results

Please have a look under the Residents Tab, in the documents download section for a copy of the results of our member survey. We thank the 383 people who took the time to provide us with this valuable information.

Posted: Tuesday, 7th April 2015

Fee Payment And Lake Access

Please be advised that if your 2018 fees not be paid in full by January 31st, 2018 access to the park will be denied and a penalty will be added to your account at a rate of 18% per annum. Please remember that the payment of fees is not optional. Please contact the office with any questions at 403-256-0550.

Posted: Thursday, 29th January 2015

Disc Golf Course

A huge thank you goes out to our volunteers who spent the last few weekends installing our new disc golf course. The tee box markers have not yet been installed but the course is playable. Right now, half the fun will be trying to find all of the baskets on the hill and east side of the park. Come out and enjoy!

Posted: Monday, 25th August 2014

Contact Information

Please be aware of the following contact information.

Office Phone: 403-256-0550
Office Fax: 403-254-5983
Office E-mail:

Park Manager Phone: 403-256-0532
Park Manager E-mail:>
President of the Board of Directors:

Posted: Monday, 7th October 2013

New Residents

New residents, please see the residents tab and print off the documents required for registration. Please call the office at 403-256-0550 during office hours (Monday to Friday from 9 - 4:30) with any questions and welcome to Midnapore Lake!

Posted: Thursday, 19th September 2013

Membership Cards Required For Access

Membership cards are required for access to the Lake Midnapore Amenities. You will not be allowed to use the boats, any equipment or come fishing without your card.

All members, 12 and over, wishing to access the park, should have a current membership card.

Posted: Wednesday, 6th March 2013

Board Contact Details

Fishing In The Lake

Members must leave their own valid membership card with the office staff while fishing.

Fishing privileges are restricted to three guests per member. Members must actively be fishing with their guests. Guest are not permitted to take or remove fish from the property

Limit is 3 Trout per day per member. The maximum monthly limit for Rainbow trout is 12 fish per residence. All Perch caught are to be kept or disposed of properly. Perch are not to be returned to the lake

Catching and keeping of Grass Carp is not permitted. Grass Carp are to be released immediately and safely returned to the lake.

Stringing of live fish is not permitted. If a member chooses to keep a fish, it cannot be returned to the lake should a larger fish be caught.

Enjoy the fishing on the lake, but please remember to NOT allow your boat to drift or anchor within 25 feet of the dock or beach. Please do NOT cast towards a dock or beach in such a way that your lure lands within this 25 foot zone

During the Summer, each person fishing may have only one line in the lake at all times. During the winter ice fishing season, each person fishing will be allowed two lines in the lake at one time.

No live bait shall be used.

Only barbless hooks are to be used - Alberta General Sportfishing Regulations 2004.

All boats shall be kept outside of the beach area. The beach area is defined as that space from the beach to a line in the water extending from the orange dock marker to the south shore orange marker. Casting into this zone is not permitted

The Residents Association reserves the right to suspend fishing activities at times such as fish stocking, weed treatment, unsafe ice or any other condition deemed fit.

In the event of an impeding storm, those fishing from watercraft are urged to make for the docks until the threat of the storm passes. If conditions are severe enough such as an electrical storm, all watercraft users must comply if directed by MLRA staff to vacate the lake.

Ice fishing holes must be made by an ice auger no larger than 8 inches in diameter.