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February 2018
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Skating and Ice Fishing are Allowed

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Lake Conditions

Toboggan Hill is OPEN

Upper Rink is OPEN

Hockey rinks are OPEN

Skating Pathway is open - rough condition

Ice Fishing is OPEN

Ping Pong Table is CLOSED

Southgate washrooms CLOSED

Posted: Thursday 15th February 2018

For more information on the current lake conditions, please contact us at Midnapore Lake Residents Association Ltd.
185 Midlake Blvd SE, Calgary, AB T2X 1L2
Bus: 403-256-0550 Fax: 403-254-5983 Web:

Fishing In The Lake

Members must leave their own valid membership card with the office staff while fishing.

Fishing privileges are restricted to three guests per member. Members must actively be fishing with their guests. Guest are not permitted to take or remove fish from the property

Limit is 3 Trout per day per member. The maximum monthly limit for Rainbow trout is 12 fish per residence. All Perch caught are to be kept or disposed of properly. Perch are not to be returned to the lake

Catching and keeping of Grass Carp is not permitted. Grass Carp are to be released immediately and safely returned to the lake.

Stringing of live fish is not permitted. If a member chooses to keep a fish, it cannot be returned to the lake should a larger fish be caught.

Enjoy the fishing on the lake, but please remember to NOT allow your boat to drift or anchor within 25 feet of the dock or beach. Please do NOT cast towards a dock or beach in such a way that your lure lands within this 25 foot zone

During the Summer, each person fishing may have only one line in the lake at all times. During the winter ice fishing season, each person fishing will be allowed two lines in the lake at one time.

No live bait shall be used.

Only barbless hooks are to be used - Alberta General Sportfishing Regulations 2004.

All boats shall be kept outside of the beach area. The beach area is defined as that space from the beach to a line in the water extending from the orange dock marker to the south shore orange marker. Casting into this zone is not permitted

The Residents Association reserves the right to suspend fishing activities at times such as fish stocking, weed treatment, unsafe ice or any other condition deemed fit.

In the event of an impeding storm, those fishing from watercraft are urged to make for the docks until the threat of the storm passes. If conditions are severe enough such as an electrical storm, all watercraft users must comply if directed by MLRA staff to vacate the lake.

Ice fishing holes must be made by an ice auger no larger than 8 inches in diameter.