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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Can Be A Member Of Midnapore Lake?

A. Only those properties that have encumbrances registered on their title.

Q. Can I Still Get In To Use The Lake If I Have Not Paid My Fees?

A. No it would be unfair to our paid up members.

Q. Can I Fish In The Lake?

A. Yes, members with valid lake cards can fish in the lake from the south shore, boat or their own dock if they live lakeside. A limit of 3 fish may be kept per person per day to a maximum of 12 per month per household. See fishing rules for size restrictions.

Q. Do I Need A Fishing Licence?

A. No, the Lake is a private facility that carries a Commercial Class 'A' Fish Culture Licence that is specific to the lake and that is all that is required.

Q. I Am Moving Can I Get A Refund Of My Encumbrance Fees?

A. Midnapore lake has an encumbrance on title. Because of this encumbrance your lawyer will call to verify fees and handle reimbursement and/or payment in your disbursements. If you are moving to another home in the community it is important to note that fee payment is not transferred from house to house. Please inform us of your move as this helps keep our records updated and please note that if you are moving to another house in the community you must register at your new property as your old cards will not be valid.

Q. Do I Need A Membership Card?

A. Yes, cards will be issued to those who are of the age to have them. Please take care of your card. Replacement charges are $5 a card. The cards are NOT waterproof.

Q. Who Can Hire (sign Out) A Boat?

A. Members over the age of 12 may use the boats. A valid boat waiver must be on file. For children between the ages of 12 and 18 the waiver must be signed by the childs legal guardian.