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Please stay tuned for information on upcoming events. For more information please contact us at Midnapore Lake Residents Association Ltd.
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Members Guest Access

Classification of members/guest allowance:

- Designated member - one member of the household whose name appears either on the registered land title or lease. Designated members are ultimately responsible for the behaviour of all residents of the household while on MLRA property. Designated members may attend the annual general meeting to exercise the single household vote on business brought before the meeting; or if unable to attend, may appoint an alternate member from the same household whose name also appears on the registered land title or lease. Designated members may admit upto 15 guests.

- Senior member - any one (1) member of the household who is over the age of 18 and appointed in writing by the designated member. Senior members may admit up to fifteen (15) guests. There is a maximum of 1 senior member per house.

- Junior member - any member of the household over the age of 12. These members may admit up to three (3) guests.

- Child - any member of the household below the age of 12. These members are not allowed any guests.

All guests must at all times be accompanied by a Member. Guests must leave when the member leaves.

Members are at all times responsible for the actions of their Family Members and their guests or their Family Members' guests. Any breach of MLRA rules may result in a banning of the guest and member.

When hosting any large group at the lake, group booking forms must be completed and guest lists must be submitted prior to the booking. Please contact the office for more information.

A member can not sign in as a guest.