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Current Notices

1. Operational Update - January 22, 2021
Posted: Jan 22nd 2021

2. Operational Update
Posted: Dec 22nd 2020

3. Incident Update
Posted: Dec 20th 2020

4. Incident
Posted: Dec 19th 2020

5. Winter Operations - Update
Posted: Dec 9th 2020

6. Winter Operations
Posted: Dec 1st 2020

7. E-Transfer
Posted: Nov 3rd 2020

8. Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
Posted: Nov 2nd 2020

9. Fish Stocking
Posted: Oct 8th 2020

10. Covid 19 Update
Posted: Jul 20th 2020

11. Covid 19 Update
Posted: Jun 30th 2020

12. Exciting News - Midnapore Lake will be reopening May 30th
Posted: May 25th 2020

Posted: May 20th 2020

14. COVID-19 Update
Posted: May 1st 2020

15. Fishing Area For Persons With Disabilities
Posted: May 12th 2017

16. Tips for Releasing Fish
Posted: Jun 2nd 2016

17. Member Survey Results
Posted: Apr 7th 2015

18. Disc Golf Course
Posted: Aug 25th 2014

19. Contact Information
Posted: Oct 7th 2013

20. New Residents
Posted: Sep 19th 2013

21. Membership Cards Required For Access
Posted: Mar 6th 2013

Lake Midnapore is a private lake located in the beautiful community of Midnapore, Calgary, Alberta. The lake and park are for the exclusive use of the residents of Midnapore Lake and their guests.

The mission statement of the Midnapore Lake Residents Association is to provide the Lake Association Members with a serene beautifully groomed family recreational facility that will remain in a financially secure and efficiently run position for future positions to enjoy as everyone presently enjoys.

Important Notices

Operational Update - January 22, 2021
Good Afternoon Everyone,

Effective immediately we are permitting members to admit 2 guests per household per day.

The lake is now open for ice fishing. Please avoid drilling holes in the vicinity of the toboggan hill, ice rinks or lake front home owner properties.

We expect to open the 3 rinks on the lake for skating one day next week.

It is not likely that we will be able to re-install the skate path this season. The quality of the ice is too poor and Provincial standards we must now follow will not permit us to use heavy equipment on the ice unless we have a uniform thickness of at least 38cm. Currently we have between 30-40cm of ice.

Please continue to practice social distancing while in the park and do remember that skate change areas are located outside of the Lake House. Face masks must be worn inside the Lake House, even if you are just using the washroom.

Thank you everyone for your understanding.
Posted: Jan 22nd 2021

Operational Update
Due to weather related challenges and to ensure that we can provide residents with a safe and healthy experience, the park will be open for tobogganing only on December 22nd. Looking forward to December 23rd and 24th, we hope to be able to welcome you for limited skating and tobogganing activities. We will do our best to provide skating as soon as possible.

Regarding Christmas Day, several factors have impacted our operational resilience and made it necessary for us to make an exceedingly difficult decision regarding our holiday schedule. We regret to announce that the park will not be open on Christmas day this year. Given current circumstances, we do not have the resources required to deliver a user experience that is consistent with our standards for your safe enjoyment of our facilities. We know that this is deeply disappointing for many of you who include time at the Lake as part of your holiday traditions. We are sorry that we cannot share in your Christmas day celebrations.

Our amended holiday hours are as follows:

December 24th 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
December 25th closed
December 26th 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

December 31st 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
January 1st Noon to 8:00 pm

The Board of Directors and Management of Midnapore Lake

Posted: Dec 22nd 2020

Incident Update
On Saturday, a staff member who was operating a piece of equipment to clean the skate path fell through the ice on the pathway. The staff member is fine. This incident remains under investigation by Occupational Health and Safety. The lake ice remains closed for use until the investigation is complete.

The upper rink is open for pleasure skating only. Please respect the social distance rule.

The toboggan hill is ice covered and rough. It is open however users should not venture onto the ice.

Lake front home owners may have use of the rinks they have built however may not venture onto the lake any further than their rink.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Posted: Dec 20th 2020

Earlier this morning a staff member who was operating a piece of equipment went through the lake ice. The staff member is fine.

While the incident is under investigation, the park is closed
Posted: Dec 19th 2020

Winter Operations - Update
COVID 19 Update

Following yesterday's provincial announcement Midnapore Lake will remain open for pleasure skating, tobogganing and ice fishing. Effective December 8th, outdoor social gatherings are prohibited and park entry is now restricted to members only. We regret that guests will not be permitted at this time. When on site, only those members who are all from the same household may associate together. All members who are not from the same household must practice social distancing. This operating change will remain in effect until such time that the provincial government repeals this protocol.

Skating is temporarily closed due to ice conditions. We will update as conditions improve.
Posted: Dec 9th 2020

Winter Operations

Did you know that Midnapore Lake now accepts E-Transfer?

E-Transfers should be sent to:

The system will ask you to set a security question. Please use " what is my system number". Your system number can be found in the top right corner of your invoice. Your answer should include all 0's and all dashes ie 0000339-07.

It is also a good idea to include your address in the comment section so we know what property you are paying for.

Please call the office if you are paying past due fees or if you do not have your invoice.

Let us know if you have any questions at 403-256-0550
Posted: Nov 3rd 2020

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt
Thank you to everyone who came out for our Pumpkin hunt on Halloween day. We loved seeing all the costumes and hope everyone had an amazing time.

Please visit our facebook or instagram page for pictures of the event.
Posted: Nov 2nd 2020

Fish Stocking
We are very excited to have recieved our fall fish stocking.

Have a look at our facebook page for pictures.

Fishing will now be closed, re-opening on Tuesday October 13, 2020
Posted: Oct 8th 2020

Covid 19 Update
On Saturday July 11th we were randomly selected for inspection by Alberta Health Services. They were inspecting physical capacity, social distancing practices as well as COVID 19 signage. The measures we have had in place meet AHS guidelines and recommendations.

Effective, Monday July 20th, as part of our phased re-opening process we will be opening the south washroom and permitting limited guest admissions;

-One senior member may admit 2 guests weekdays, 9:00AM until noon (you must be in by noon, you do not have to leave by noon). This excludes holidays and weekends.
-The member must remain on site with the guest(s) at all times.
-This privilege is not extended to junior members.
-The privilege may be revoked with little or no notice.
-There are no exceptions for additional guests or admissions after noon.

Posted: Jul 20th 2020

Covid 19 Update
COVID-19 Update
1. Effective July 1st, 2020 the Park's closing hour will be extended from 8:00PM to 9:00PM daily.
2. At this point it is unknown when we will be permitting guests, barbecues or lending out equipment.
3. Unfortunately, Midnapore Lake is not part of the provincial Stage 2 relaunch which allows certain businesses to resume operations with restrictions.
4. We look forward to seeing you soon and ask that you practice appropriate physical distancing.
5. Updates will be provided as circumstances change.
We thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

Posted: Jun 30th 2020

Exciting News - Midnapore Lake will be reopening May 30th
Under the direction of Dr. Deena Hinshaw, CMOH we were ordered closed in March. We will reopen our park for members use only, beginning Saturday, May 30th. This will be a phased opening and below is Phase 1.

It is important for you to follow and open the link. If the link does not work, copy and paste into your browser :

to read the entire MLRA relaunch document. It is important that registered junior members in your household (adult or youth) who may come to the lake on their own are also informed of the new procedures in place during this time.

We, together with several other lake communities have taken a cautious approach to re-opening and have placed the safety of our staff and members as our highest priority. Thank you to the members of this community who have been so very supportive and patient during the period we have remained closed.

Garvin Clayton
Park Manager

Posted: May 25th 2020

Exciting News!!

Midnapore Lake is excited to announce that we will be re-opening effective Saturday May 30th. Please know that there will be limitations to opening. We are still working out some of these details and information is changing almost daily. We are working hard to ensure that we are compliant and opening in a way that is safe for members and staff. We will provided detailed re-opening plans by Monday May 25th.

Thank you for your continued patience. Midnapore really is a phenomenal community and we look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.
Posted: May 20th 2020

Fishing Area For Persons With Disabilities
Midnapore Lake is happy to announce that we can now provide an area at the end of the fishing dock for use by persons with disabilities, wheelchair users, persons with mobility issues and their companions.

Thank you for your respect and appropriate use of this area.
Posted: May 12th 2017