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Current Notices

1. 2024 Billing
Posted: Nov 15th 2023

2. 2024 Skating Lessons
Posted: Nov 1st 2023

3. Fish Stocking
Posted: Oct 16th 2023

Posted: May 19th 2023

5. New Residents
Posted: May 3rd 2023

6. Pickleball/Tennis Court Use
Posted: Apr 10th 2023

7. E-Transfer
Posted: Jan 3rd 2023

8. Guest Limits
Posted: Jul 8th 2022

9. Signed Financial Statements
Posted: Jun 15th 2022

10. Nominations to the Board of Directors
Posted: May 30th 2022

Posted: Mar 1st 2022

12. Retirement
Posted: Dec 20th 2021

13. Incident Update
Posted: Dec 20th 2020

14. Incident
Posted: Dec 19th 2020

15. Fishing Area For Persons With Disabilities
Posted: May 12th 2017

16. Tips for Releasing Fish
Posted: Jun 2nd 2016

17. Boats And Paddleboards
Posted: Aug 13th 2015

18. Disc Golf Course
Posted: Aug 25th 2014

19. Contact Information
Posted: Oct 7th 2013

20. Membership Cards Required For Access
Posted: Mar 6th 2013

Lake Midnapore is a private lake located in the beautiful community of Midnapore, Calgary, Alberta. The lake and park are for the exclusive use of the residents of Midnapore Lake and their guests.

The mission statement of the Midnapore Lake Residents Association is to provide the Lake Association Members with a serene beautifully groomed family recreational facility that will remain in a financially secure and efficiently run position for future positions to enjoy as everyone presently enjoys.

Important Notices

2024 Billing

2024 bills have now been distributed. Where possible these bills have been sent by email. 

Please ensure that you check your email before the 1st of December to access your invoice.

If you have any questions or have not received your invoice by the middle of December, please call the office at 403-256-0550.

Please note that invoices are due by January 1st of each year. Not receiving your invoice is not a valid reason for non-payment. Fees for 2024 remain the same as 2023 at $255.00 + $12.75 (GST) = $267.75. 

We recommend that this bill be paid by e-transfer. Payments can also be made in person using Visa/MasterCard/Debit or cheque. Starting this year there will be a convenience fee of $5.00 per invoice added to any credit card payments. There is no additional charge to pay with debit, e-transfer or cheque. Cheques can be mailed. We do not accept cash. 

- E-Transfers should be sent to office@midnaporelake.ca

- The system will ask you to set a security question. Please use "what is my system number" as your question. Your answer (password) will then be your system number that is located in the top right corner of your invoice. Please include all 0's and the dash.

- Make sure you put your address in the comment section so we can properly apply your payment.

Office hours will be extended in December and January to accept payments. These hours will be announced soon.  

If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the Midnapore Lake office at 403-256-0550.

Posted: Nov 15th 2023

2024 Skating Lessons

Wednesday January 3th to Wednesday February 7th

Children 4 to 10 years of age

Maximum of 12 children per class

$45.00 for the 6 weeks of classes

Beginner Program (the beginner program will be parented for the first few classes)  5:30 pm - 6:00 pm  SOLD OUT

For those with little or no skating experience. 

Skaters will learn the basics of ice skating in this fun filled class. 

Program will cover how to safely fall down and get up, basic balance, marching, pushing and gliding and scraping (intro to stopping). 

Level #2 Class:6:15 pm - 6:45 pm  SOLD OUT

For kids that have some experience on ice and are comfortable pushing, gliding and knowhow to scrape and stop. 

Kids will continue to work on power, speed and balance with skills like turns, one foot glides and sculling. They will also refine their stopping skills and learn how to go backwards. 

Level #3 Class7:00 pm - 7:30 pm

For kids that are ready for something more.  

All participants must have sharpened skates, a ski or hockey helmet and gloves or mittens.

Please call the office at 403-256-0550 for more information or to register. Payment must be made for the registration to be considered complete. Payment can be made by e-transfer, however, registration forms must be signed before the first class.  

At this time, lessons are for member children only.

Posted: Nov 1st 2023

Fish Stocking
We are excited to announce that we have just received our annual fish stocking. This year we have received Tiger Trout, Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout.  

We will be closing fishing completely until Thursday October 19th at 1:00 pm to allow the fish to acclimate. 

We thank you for your understanding.
Posted: Oct 16th 2023

As we move into the busy season, we wanted to remind everyone of a few policies and rules. 

1. If you are wanting to bring a large group into the lake (ie larger than the 10 per household walk up limit). The request must be submitted for approval a minimum of 72 hours in advance of your event. The request can be made by email to office@midnaporelake.ca. It is beneficial if it is accompanied by your guest list (first and last names of all your guests). It is helpful if guest lists are in alphabetical order. 

2. Registrations and card replacements are done by appointment. This allows us to have everything ready and means you are very quickly in and out of the office. It also means we do not have multiple people showing up at once.  

3. If you are bringing your own boat/paddleboard to the lake, please ensure that the boat is clean of all debris. Also, if you bring your own boat, you must bring and wear your own life jacket. 

Rules and regulations are available at the office and you can always call the office with any questions. 403-256-0550

Posted: May 19th 2023

New Residents

New member registrations are by appointment only.

New residents, please see the residents tab on the website and print off the documents required for registration. Please call the office at 403-256-0550 during office hours (Monday to Friday from 9 - 4:30) to book an appointment to get your lake access card.

Welcome to Midnapore!!

Posted: May 3rd 2023

Pickleball/Tennis Court Use

With the warmer weather approaching, it will not be long before our courts become busy with Pickleball and Tennis. We are seeing growing interest in Tennis however the interest and participation in Pickleball has grown exponentially which, in past years has created a greater demand for court time. Last year we converted one tennis court to four dedicated Pickleball courts and the remaining three tennis courts remained flex courts allowing for either Tennis or Pickleball play. Already this year, we have been approached by more members seeking to reserve court times as well as invite non-members.

This year, we sense there will be heightened demand and the courts will be in use practically every day. Our desire is that these courts should remain available on a first come basis and that they should be accessible to all members. Our sister lake associations are experiencing similar challenges, trying to provide their members the opportunity to enjoy their courts. With this in mind, perhaps we need to review existing, as well as develop new rules for court use which might include limiting guest access. I am inviting members, especially those who use the courts to submit their suggestions and input by sending an email to comments@midnaporelake.ca.

Posted: Apr 10th 2023

Did you know that Midnapore Lake now accepts E-Transfer?

E-Transfers should be sent to:office@midnaporelake.ca

The system will ask you to set a security question. Please use " what is my system number". Your system number can be found in the top right corner of your invoice. Your answer should include all 0's and all dashes ie 0000339-07.

Please include your address in the comment section so we know what property you are paying for. Also, if you did not receive your invoice by email, please add your email address so we can update this in the system.

Please call the office if you are paying past due fees or if you do not have your invoice.

Let us know if you have any questions at 403-256-0550
Posted: Jan 3rd 2023

Guest Limits
Please note that current guest limits are 10 per household per day with a maximum of 3 per junior member.

Larger groups can be requested with a minimum of 72 hours advanced notice.

Thank you for your understanding. 

Posted: Jul 8th 2022